Create ASP.NET Core Application

Introduction :

Here, we will learn about how to create web application in asp net core 3.0 using Visual Studio 2019.

Step 1 :

Open Visual Studio 2019 and click on Create a new project, as shown below.

Create new .Net Core project

Step 2 :

When we clicking on “Create a new project” dialog box includes different .NET Core application templates. Here we will create a simple web application, so select the option “ASP.NET Core Web Application” template and click Next, as shown below.


Step 3 :

Now, give the appropriate name, location, and the solution name for the ASP.NET Core application. here, we will give the project name “WebApplication1” and click on the Create button, as shown below.

Configure your code project

Step 4 :

Next, select appropriate ASP.NET Core Web application template such as Empty, API, Web Application, Web Applichation (Model-View-Controller),Angular, Reactjs, etc. Here, we want to create a web application, so select the Web Application template. Here we don’t Need HTTPS at this point, so uncheck the option Configure for HTTPS checkbox, as shown below. Now Click on the Create button to create a project. Core

Step 5 :

As shown below , will create a new ASP.NET Core web project in Visual Studio 2019, Wait for some time while Visual Studio will automatically add, update or delete configured dependencies as NuGet packages in the project.

Dot net core application

Step 6 :

Now, For running this web application, we need to click on IIS Express or press Ctrl + F5. This way will run our core application as shown result below.

Dot net core application

This way we can run out core web application, The above output comes from the Index.cshtml page under the Pages folder. Also will learn more about core on next tutorial. Also you can learn about ASP.NET Core Web Application Project Structure in next tutorial.



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