Angular CLI Commands

Introduction Angular CLI Commands

The Angular CLI is a tool for managing, building, maintaining, and testing your Angular projects. CLI is an acronym for Command Line Interface. Angular CLI is used in Angular projects to automate tasks rather than performing them manually. Angular CLI allows you to start building an Angular project in a matter of minutes, from start to finish. How to Install Angular CLI.

Installing Angular CLI

To install the Angular CLI, open a terminal window and run the following command or using the npm package manager

          npm install -g @angular/cli

After adding Angular CLI, Verify the configured version after you’ve added all of the packages using

  ng –version.

Angular CLI Commands


Create an Angular App with the CLI

Once Angular CLI is installed, you can now install an Angular app. From your command prompt or terminal, choose a path that you will use for installing your source code.

For example, if you choose to have the Desktop as the file location with cd  command, you can type this command to create angular app

ng new my-first-Angularapp

The command will install your first Angular project with all the required configurations

Run Angular App

 ng serve

Once you type in the command, it will start your Angular app and the open command will open the application automatically in your web browser.

Angular CLI Commands

ng new my- firstapp  :  it will create new angular app with name my-first-app

ng build :  It will build your angular app

ng serve :  This command build and run your angular app

ng test  : used for testing

ng e2e: used for end to end testing

ng g module my-module : create new module

ng g component my-component : create new component

ng g directive my-directive : create new directive

ng g pipe my-pipe: create new pipe

ng g service my-service: create new service

ng g interface my-interface : create new interface

ng g enum my-enum: create new enum



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